COVID-19 Policy

First Published: 23 July 2020


Welcome back to Pole Sensations!  Your safety is important to us and we have taken steps to protect and reduce the risk to our students and instructors from Corona-virus whilst at the studio.  We have carried out a risk assessment and updated our standards in line with guidelines from the UK Government and Public Health England as well as industry standards.


This policy lays out the requirements of staff and customers to enable us to keep the studio COVID Secure.

We have worked hard on putting processes in place to make you and our staff as safe as possible when at the studio.


All staff members have received training on new studio procedures.


Please read the below and understand and agree to these terms prior to attending any class.


Cleaning and Sanitization
In addition to our normal cleaning regime, we have put in place extra cleaning and sanitization procedures to help reduce the risk of transmission from asymptomatic people.


  • The studio has been deep cleaned during lockdown and will be deep cleaned again prior to reopening.  
  • Cleaning will be carried out at the end of each class.  Students will be asked to clean and wipe down their pole or hoop, crash mat and immediate floor space with the alcohol rub and paper towel provided.
  • A daily clean will be done throughout the studio for areas that people touch, including doors and door handles, light switches, toilet, taps and basin, floors, stair railing, surfaces and equipment.
  • We will also deep clean and sanitise the studio on a weekly basis.
  • Any equipment or items that are not required to be in the studio will be removed.
  • A cleaning and safety checklist will be filled in after each daily clean.



Arrival and class procedure:

Social Distancing measures have been put into place. At the moment there will be no sharing of equipment between students during classes and numbers in the studio will be capped to ensure a capacity of 1 person per 100 square feet.


Everyone will leave the studio prior to the next group entering to prevent staff and students leaving and entering the studio at the same time. Where possible, doors will be left open to reduce the surfaces you need to touch.


To facilitate this, classes will be reduced from 1 hour to 45 minutes each.  We have also put on extra classes to accommodate everyone and we need to offer some of you an alternative time to your normal class.


Please arrive for your class 10 - 15 minutes before the start of your class.


You will be required to wash your hands thoroughly and dry with paper upon arrival, using the door next to the toilet. Then wait outside until invited in for your class. We cannot guarantee that latecomers will be admitted into class so please arrive in time.


If you cannot avoid being late for a class please phone ahead to let us know, before your class time, on the Pole Sensations phone number: 07471 893219


The chillout room (including changing areas) will be out of use. Please only bring necessary items to the studio and do not consume food at the studio. Belongings are to be placed on the floor near your allocated equipment.  This is also where you can change, and if possible, please come to class with your pole or aerial gear on (underneath other clothes).  Do not wear your jewellery to the studio, this must be removed and left at home.  If you do need to use a private changing area, please ask at reception before your class (if reception door is closed, ring the doorbell).


Hand sanitizer will be available in the studio. A bottle of alcohol and paper towel will be provided to each person to clean their equipment and immediate floor space for each class. 


If you need to wipe your hands/ body/ equipment for sweat or grip products during class, you need to bring your own cloth.  Paper towels are for cleaning the equipment before you start and when you finish class.


All equipment in the studio is spaced in excess of 2 metres apart. You are required to stay at/near your equipment throughout the class.  If you need to move around the studio (to the bathroom etc) please maintain 2 metres distance from your classmates and staff at all times.


The instructor will spot you but only if this is a rescue spot, if you are unable to do a move a regression or alternative will be given to you.


Music will be kept to a low volume to avoid people having to raise their voice


In line with guidance, fans will not be used.  To facilitate ventilation, the roller door can be opened downstairs and the air conditioning used upstairs.


Instructors will remind students of the requirements before each class.


Please use hand sanitizer on your way out.


Please do not congregate before or after class.

We will be working with track and trace system and if anyone tests positive for Covid after attending the studio, we will follow instructions provided by the NHS Track and Trace service.



Social Distancing Exceptions

We understand that there may be times when it is not possible to maintain a 2 metre distance eg when moving around the poles.  On these occasions, a 1 metre distance is acceptable, with mitigations in place such as working side by side or facing away from each other, rather than face to face.



What else we expect our students to do:

You will be required to complete a new online Health and Safety form and Covid Informed Consent before attending the studio.  This must be completed at least a day before your first visit when the studio reopens.


Any person refusing to socially distance will be asked to leave.


Only staff and people participating in class will be permitted into the studio.


If you or any of your household have symptoms you MUST NOT come to class.

If you develop symptoms after attending a session you MUST inform us.

If you have been advised to shield, please do not come to the studio during your shielding period.


We understand that this is very odd but we have to keep these guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. If you are not happy to follow these then please stick to online classes for now until we can open a little more. If you have any questions, please contact the studio.