So what can I expect from pole dancing lessons?  What benefits does it give me?  Find the answers to the frequently asked questions here.  And remember, you can always call, message or email if you would like more information.  We are friendly and approachable.

Do I need to have any prior dance experience?

Absolutely not. Classes are available at all levels from beginner to advanced and when you start pole dancing for the very first time in a beginner course, everyone will be in the same boat as you. You will be taught in a fun, supportive and friendly environment and everything is broken down and taught in a safe manner at a pace that you are comfortable with. 


What do I wear?

When you pole dance, you use your skin to grip the pole so shorts and a short sleeve top are best.  It's also important that you do not wear any moisturiser or body lotion as this will make the pole slippery making it unsafe.  You can dance barefoot or in heels; the choice is yours!  Jewellery must be removed before class.


Can I try a class before I commit to enrolling on a whole course?

Yes, there are taster sessions that you can attend to get a taste of what pole dancing is like.  Please enquire about upcoming dates and times.


I don't think I'm strong enough to hold my body weight.  Could I do pole dancing?

Definitely!  You don't need to be strong to take up pole dancing.  The Beginner Course focusses on spins which use momentum to enable you to spin around the pole with your feet off the floor.  You will find that just by taking classes, your strength will increase week by week to enable you to progress towards the more demanding holds and inverts.


What benefits does pole dancing provide?

Not only is pole dancing a lot of fun, you will benefit in many ways such as improved co-ordination, self-confidence and fitness levels.  Pole dancing works all muscles groups to improve strength and endurance but you'll hardly notice how hard you're working as it's so much fun.  Many people also make long-term friendships with their class mates.


What if I miss a class or two during a course?

Don't worry, many people end up missing 1 or 2 classes during a course and there are options to keep you up to speed and learn what you have missed when you return.  However, it is important to let us know in advance if you are going to miss a class so we can help you catch up.  Drop In sessions are also a great way to practice what you've been learning and catch up on anything you've missed.


I'm a bit nervous about attending a class.  Can I pop into the studio without booking on a class?

Absolutely!  Our instructors were in exactly the same position when they each started pole dancing so we know first hand how it feels.  When you come and see the studio, meet the instructors and see a class in action, you will get a feel for what the classes are like.  It is a fun environment and everyone is welcoming, friendly and supportive to help put your worries at rest.  Let us know if you'd like to pop in and have a look around.


I've missed the start of the Beginner Course.  Can I still join or should I wait for the next course?

We welcome people into Beginner courses within the first few weeks of the course.  If you have missed the start of the course, our instructors are happy to arrange to spend some time with you to catch up on what you missed.  


What do I do to get started?

Get in touch by phone, facebook or email to book on a taster session, or on an 8 week Beginner Course.  Scheduled group classes are currently held in our purpose built studio on weekday evenings.  Please ask about dates and times.  You can also attend private 1-to-1 lessons or in groups, so get your friends together and share the fun!  Payment must be made in order to confirm a place on a taster session.  A deposit of £20 will secure your place on a beginner course.


What payment methods are available?

We accept bank transfer (please request details), cheque or cash (if you are nearby to pop into the studio).