Timetable - December 2018 & January 2019

Pole Dancing Taster Classes

45 Minute Taster Class for Beginners - £8.00

Try a pole class and see what they are about before you book onto a course.
For spins, moves, fitness and dance!  Payment required to book a space.



Wednesday 24th July 8.30pm

Wednesday 31st July 8.30pm


Drop us a message to book or for more details.


Upcoming Beginner Pole Courses

8 week course - £90:  

Wednesday 7th August 8.30pm



Pole Drop In Classes

1.5-hour Casual Class for polers of all levels -

£10.00 cash for current Pole Sensations students/ £15.00 for guests (by prior arrangement)


Nail those moves you've been working on in regular classes, practice your routines and add some strengthening work.  These classes are open to:

  • All current Pole Sensations students (no booking required)
  • Non-current students or guests who have some experience (please get in touch to pre-book).


Next classes:


Sunday 15th Sept 12-2pm

Sunday 6th October 1 - 2.30pm

Sunday 3 November 1 - 2.30pm

Sunday 1 December 1 - 2.30pm



Workshops are held regularly at the studio to master specific skills and have some fun! 



Previous - 


Floor that Bootay - Friday 5th April, 7pm- 9pm


Lyrical Pole Art - Sunday 14th 12.30pm - 2.30pm


Exotica - Sunday 14th April 3pm- 5pm


Preparing a Solo Routine - Sunday 19th May 12.00-3.00pm 


Coming up -


Sexy Slinky Sultry Pole Workshop with Penny Punn 20th October 2019 1-3pm

A choreographed based workshop for you to learn a sexy, slinky, sultry pole dance routine, focusing on fluid movements off and around the pole. Open to all levels from beginner to advanced. Bring your heels, knee pads/leg warmers and a sassy attitude! Price: £20 £25 for non-current Pole Sensations students. Please pay at reception or by transfer to book your place.


Floorwork Doubles Workshop 18th October 2019 7-9pm

Double the trouble double the fun. Get ready for a fierce and fun floor work routine with your favourite pole buddy to the song LEGS by Lucian Piane. Bring your knee pads/leg warmers and heels/socks. Open to all levels from beginner to advance. (You don’t have to sign up in pairs!) Price: £20 £25 for non-current Pole Sensations students. Please pay at reception or by transfer to book your place.



Additional Specialist Courses

Spinny Pole Courses - 8 weeks


Choreography based classes for all students who are from level 3 to advanced in Static Pole and who like the dance element. Focus on shapes and transitions to achieve fluidity on Spinny Pole and create beautiful routines. You will learn a new routine every term.

Mondays 6.30 - 7.30pm  and  Thursdays 8.30 - 9.30pm


Spinny Chicks

Tricks based classes for seasoned spinners who are ready to focus on technique of more complicated spinny pole tricks whilst retaining grace and control.  For those with spinny pole experience who are also intermediate/advanced static pole students.

Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30pm


Spinny Divas

Spinny classes for advanced spinners who are also in advanced levels of static pole. Learn more complex moves and combo’s, whilst retaining the grace and fluidity of Spinny Pole. Each term you will learn new combos and will be encouraged to explore your own style by creating your own variations, transitions, combo’s and mini routines.

Mondays 7.30 - 8.30pm



PRICE for Spinny Courses:

Full term - £90

(If currently on an 8 week pole course:

Full term - £75


Stretch & Flex Course

Track your progress over a series of classes that covers certain aspects such as splits, backbends and upper body, focussing on correct technique.

Suitable for all levels and non-polers. .


New Course coming soon



New Aerial Hoop Taster Sessions

Try our new Aerial Hoop classes in a one hour taster session.  Come see what its all about, no experience necessary.

Payment required to book a space.


Wednesday 11th September 7.45pm

Thursday 26th July 6.00pm


Aerial Silks Course - 6 weeks

Discover this beautiful apparatus and develop strength, flexibility and grace in this 6 week course where you will learn to create a range of beautiful shapes and transitions on the fabric. These classes are aimed at beginners and improvers. No experience necessary.


Starts:   Wednesdays 7th August           4.30 - 5.30pm  

                                                                   5.30 - 6.30pm  

                                                                   6.30 - 7.30pm 


               Fridays 9th August                    5.30 - 6.30pm


Price: £72 per course.


Can't commit to a course? Individual classes can be booked for just £15 per class (Pending Availability)